E1/E2 Ubiquitin transfer

The new  E1/E2 LITEUbiquitin Transfer Assay Kit is a high-throughput assay for measuring E2 thioester formation. This new assay from LifeSensors can be used either as a secondary screen to deconvolute E3 assay "hits" or as a primary screen for inhibitors of E2 thioester formation.
E1/E2 LITE - Ubiquitin Transfer Assay kit from LifeSensorsUbiquitin thioester formation on the E2 conjugating enzyme brings a donor fluorophore on the ubiqituin in close proximity to the acceptor fluorophore associated with the E2. It increases the fluorescence signal in proportion to the amount of ubiquitin thioester.
The long-lived fluorescence of the terbium donor allows a time-delayed reading of the FRET signal, which reduces the contribution of short-lived background emissions resulting from buffers, proteins, and chemical compounds. The assay is configured with the E1 activating enzyme UBE1 (UBA1) and the E2 conjugating enzyme UBE2D3 (UbcH5c).
The assay can be run in a ½-volume 96-well or 384-well format and produces a reproducible signal with a Z’ >0.7. 



Available formats

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