Ubiquitin-Ɛ-Lys-TAMRA-Gly-OH , DUB Fluorescence Polarization Substrate

Ubiquitin-Ɛ-Lys-TAMRA-Gly-OH (Cat nr SI270) is an ideal fluorescence polarization substrate for deubiquitinating enzymes. The substrate consists of a 5-carboxytetramethylrhodamine (TAMRA)-labeled Lys-Gly dipeptide where the Ɛ-amino group of Lys is linked to the C-terminus of ubiquitin.  The substrate allows continuous fluorescence polarization measurement of cleavage of the isopeptide bond between ubiquitin and the Ɛ-amino group of Lys. The rhodamine fluorophore minimizes interference from compounds and assay components that fluoresce at lower wavelengths.