USP Silenced Model

SilenciX® is a unique syngenic cellular model based on a new siRNA delivery system,  which brings researchers an exceptional opportunity to rapidly screen and analyse new therapeutics in the early stages of development.

As USPs are a family of deubiquinating enzymes involved in many cancer-associated pathways, USP-SilenciX® helps researchers decipher this attractive field.

SilenciX®, silenced model promising for

Ready-to-dispatch USPKD SilenciX cell lines

Designation % of KD*  Cat nr
 USP7 HeLa SilenciX®       74%       01-00159
 USP9X HeLa SilenciX®       73%       01-00160
 USP14 HeLa SilenciX®       79%       01-00163
 USP19 HeLa SilenciX®       71%       01-00164

* tebu-bio quality controls are performed by qPCR

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More than 100 target-specific HeLa SilenciX® are already for Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathways, DNA Repair proteins, Hypoxia...

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Easy silenced model to use

Just thaw the cells and start your tests!

Recently, Brem at al. have shown, by using the MMR-defective SilenciX HeLa-MSH2 cell line (cat nr 01-00023), that 6-Thioguanin (6-TG) treatment activates the Fanconi Anemia pathway in human cells. This activation is partly independent of MMR-mediated processing of DNA 6-TG since WB have revealed that 6-TG induced FANCD2 monoubiquitination (a sensitive indicator of FA pathway activation) in both MMR-proficient and -defective cells.