E3 quantification

Simple and robust assay to monitor E3 ubiquitin ligase activity

The E3LITE Customizable Ubiquitin Ligase Kit has been developed for the exploration of the mechanistic basis underlining the activity of E3 ligase enzyme of choice.

This kit employs a proprietary reagent to capture poly-ubiquitin chains formed in an E3 ligase dependent manner. The kit is flexible by design; essentially providing a singular platform for the focused investigation of any E2/E3 enzyme pair, as well as any particular polyubiquitylation linkage type



Choose your Kit Components:

The kit itself can be set up with any one of E2 conjugation enzymes (see below). The recombinant Ubiquitin is available as wild-type or variants that have been engineered to form linkages only through one of the seven possible surface exposed lysines (e.g. K6, K11, K27, K29, K33, K48, K63).

  - Ubc13 (yeast), (UBE2N) UBE2F UBE2N (Ubc13)
         UBE2AHis6 (Rad6A) UBE2G2 (Ubc7) - UBE2Q2
  UBE2C (Ubc10) UBE2G2 (Ubc7), His6SUMO UBE2R1 (CDC34), His6
  - UBE2D1 (UbcH5) UBE2H (UbcH2, E2-20K), His6 - UBE2R2 (Ubc3B)
  - UBE2D1 (UbcH5), His6SUMO UBE2H (UbcH2, E2-20K), His6SUMO UBE2S (E2EPF)
  UBE2D2 (UbcH5b), His6 UBE2IHis6 - UBE2T
  UBE2D3 (UbcH5c) UBE2K (UbcH1) - UBE2T, His6SUMO
  UBE2D3 (UbcH5c), His6SUMO UBE2K (UbcH1), His6SUMO UBE2V2 (MMS2UEV-2)
  UBE2E2 (UbcH8) UBE2L3 (UbcH7E2-F1) - UBE2W (hUBC-16), His6
  UBE2E3 (UbcH9) - UBE2L6 (UbcH8) - UBE2Z (Use1)
    UBE2M (Ubc12), His6 - Ubiquitin-Aldehyde
        - Ubiquitin-K0 - Ubiquitin-K48
  - Ubiquitin-K11 - Ubiquitin-K6
  - Ubiquitin-K27 - Ubiquitin-K63
  - Ubiquitin-K29 - Ubiquitin-WT
  - Ubiquitin-K33  


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