Ubiquitin: WT & Mutants

Biotinylated Ubiquitin (all lysines unmodified)

More information about Ubiquitin, Biotinylated (all lysines unmodified) - Cat nr SI280

Ubiquitin Lysine to Arginine Mutants:

These are tag-free recombinant forms of human ubiquitin engineered to have either:
Ubiquitin-K0  SI209
Ubiquitin-K11  SI203
Ubiquitin-K11R  SI213
Ubiquitin-K27  SI204 
Ubiquitin-K27R  SI214
Ubiquitin-K29  SI205
Ubiquitin-K29R  SI215
Ubiquitin-K33  SI206
Ubiquitin-K33R  SI216
Ubiquitin-K48  SI207
Ubiquitin-K48R  SI217
Ubiquitin-K48R K63R  SI219
Ubiquitin-K6  SI202
Ubiquitin-K63  SI208
Ubiquitin-K63R  SI218
Ubiquitin-K6R  SI212
Ubiquitin-WT  SI201

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