Ubiquitin chains

Di-, Tri- and Tetra- Ubiquitin are available to study mechanisms of chain recognition, DUB and ligase specificity, in particular by choosing the linkage between Ubiquitin molecules.

Linear Ubiquitin chain


Type of chains


Lysine linked Ubiquitin chain


Linkage specificity

  K11 linkage K48 linkage K63 linkage
Di-ubiquitin SI1102 SI4802 SI6302
Tri-ubiquitin SI1103 SI4803 SI6303
Tetra-ubiquitin SI1104 SI4804 SI6304







Last product release: Di-ubiquitin (Ub2) Explorer Panel

In order to identify the linkage-specific activity of individual DUBs, a panel of 8 possible di-ubiquitin molecules (Cat nr SI200) is now available. 5 μg of each of the following di-ubiquitins are included linear, K6, K11, K27, K29, K33, K48, and K63 di-ubiquitins