Highly sensitive Antibodies

The highest sensitivity anti-Ubiquitin MAb (VU-1) for cell biological, biochemical and histochemical applications

Why has the scientific community been deprived of sensitive and selective anti-Ubiquitin antibodies for so long?

The answer lies partly in nature’s reluctance to make antibodies against this most highly conserved of proteins.  By taking an unconventional approach, LifeSensors has succeeded in developing the best anti-ubiquitin antibody produced to date

Clone VU-1 is a major, new addition to LifeSensors’ portfolio of Affinity reagents for isolation and identification of ubiquitylated protein conjugates.

The antibody reacts with mono- as well as poly-ubiquitylated proteins and recognizes all poly-ubiquitin chains independent of linkage.

A highly sensitive affinity reagent, VU-1 can be used in most major applications:
Western blotting, ELISA, Immunoprecipitation, and Immunohistochemistry.


Clone LUB9: is a Linear Polyubiquitin Monoclonal Antibody

LUB9 specifically detects linear over K11-, K48- and K63-linked polyubiquitin


Also available from tebu-bio: full choice of anti Ubiquitins and
Ubiquitin-conjugated proteins

Special focus on our most well-known antibodies:

  Name Target Species Applications
  Anti Ubiquitin, Rabbit polyclonal Human WB,ELISA, IHC
  Anti SUMO, Rabbit polyclonal Human WB, ELISA
  Anti SUMO, Rabbit polyclonal Yeast WB, ELISA
  Anti SUMO, Mouse monoclonal Yeast WB, IHC, ELISA


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